The Yin Yang Story: Finding the Perfect Balance Between Love and Food


By Soulfood Tripper, Catholic Pilgrimage Philippines | Everyone loves a good love story as much as they love a good meal.  What better pairing can there possibly be than love and food.

yinyang 1The story begins with a young couple who shared a common dream. With stars in their eyes, their college diplomas in hospitality and culinary arts from prestigious schools respectively, tucked under their belts and with practical training abroad to boot; then add to that, their hard saved money as ammunition, they started to pursue a goal close to their hearts.  They both love to eat and cook and knew that creating good food was to be a big part of their lives.

Their journey was not easy and was in fact full of challenges.  But because they understood one another and balanced each other out, they committed to the dream. They were a perfect Yin and Yang and even got twin tattoos on a whim during a trip to Bali on their wrists to seal the deal.

yin-yangAt first, they were all geared towards opening a modern Filipino restaurant in upscale Alabang. With intense enthusiasm and energy and a mighty can-do attitude, they set out to make it happen. But sometimes, when things are not meant to be, no amount of push and excitement will sway the universe from delivering what is rightfully your fate. Disappointed but undefeated, they scratched their heads, looked at each other and noticed the symbolic Yin and Yang tats purposely positioned on each other’s wrists. During that explosive A-ha moment, a great idea was born!

Yin Yang Express was born from the blood, sweat and tears of Seth Isay and Mikee Gueco. Their partnership complements each others skills and strengths to make a smooth running and well balanced first business venture. Patterned after the very much loved Panda Express in the United States which is an all-time favorite of the couple, Yin Yang Express offers casual dining and quick service chinese food with Mikee and Seth’s very own twists. Mikee is the head chef and in charge of conceptualizing, developing and actually putting together the menu . Seth takes care of the operations and a third partner, Jaime Gueco, helps with marketing and promotions.

Together, they are dynamic, ambitious and adventurous and make hard work look like child’s play. Clearly, all that fun and daring are reflected in the place they have nicely set up in a very busy hub in Makati and as well as in the food that they cheerfully serve to a steady stream of hungry commuters, office workers, family and friends. They have somehow developed a loyal following in the short time since they officially opened late last year and through word of mouth are continuing to attract people from all walks of life.

Their best seller, Mrs Tsao’s chicken is a spin-off from Panda Express’ General Tsao’s chicken but with Mikee’s special touch. Customer favorite is the Chang Se (orange) chicken and The Chow Mein Harmony.  The other favorites on the menu are also worth trying and will have you begging for more. The play on the original Panda Express menu entries reflect the creativity and the fun personalities of both Mikee and Seth.

Yin Yang Express is located at the ground floor level of San Lorenzo Place, Edsa corner Chino Roces Ave.  You can contact them at +63 995 118 6234 for deliveries and special arrangements.

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