Skyjet Airlines Releases Official Statement on Bureau of Customs Seizure Case


We support the current efforts of BOC Commissioner Isidro Lapena to initiate reforms and address corruption issues within the Bureau.

With regard to the ongoing seizure case of the Skyjet aircraft, we would like to state the following:

1. The current owners of Magnum Air (Skyjet) Inc. has filed a case of Syndicated Estafa as early as February 2016 against the previous management for illegal acts and other irregularities, a copy of the complaint has been submitted to BOC in the seizure proceedings.

2. As early as December 2016, as a result of internal compliance audits conducted by the new management on the company’s operations, the company communicated with the BOC Port of Subic its willingness to voluntarily disclose and settle any tax and duty obligation due with regard to the subject aircraft.  This was prior to the issuance of a Warrant of Seizure and Detention (WSD) on May 2017. The effort was made notwithstanding the lack of knowledge and participation by the new owners on the misdeeds of the previous management.

3. While the subject aircraft was legally admitted upon first importation as shown by documents submitted to the BOC seizure proceedings, the present management has long submitted its willingness to settle any tax and duty obligation that may be legally due on the subject aircraft.

4. Finally, the present seizure case has been ongoing for more than 1 year already and the present management of Magnum Air (Skyjet), Inc. has consistently cooperated and participated in all the legal proceedings conducted by the BOC.


In that regard, we reiterate the company’s support to the government’s efforts to improve the BOC and address irregularities.

The company’s new management has conducted its internal compliance audit and due diligence and has undergone management and corporate restructuring since 2016. It is committed to correcting the previous management’s erroneous practices and has proceeded to strictly comply with all applicable regulatory laws and regulations.

It is willing to comply with any lawful decision that may arise from this seizure proceeding which resulted from the previous management’s illegal acts. It will remain strong in pursuing the criminal case filed against the previous management in February 2016, long before this seizure case came about.

Following the press conference dated July 16, 2018 of the Bureau of Customs regarding the forfeiture of one 80-seater passenger plane, We at Magnum Air, Inc’s New Management, are very much concerned in this issue and we would like to assure the public and the authorities that we shall be investigating on our end and work with the government authorities to ensure all obligations have been duly settled and the responsible be held accountable.   We apologize for any uncertainty that this issue has brought upon the riding public, but rest assured that our operations are fully compliant and duly licensed with the MIAA and CAAP.

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