How to feel comfortable on the long car trip


Joanna Marie, Catholic Pilgrimage Philippines |  Road trips are exciting and adventurous. But the long road trip can be tiring sometime if you don’t take the break on the road. After passing several hours, the long trip may become irritating. Tour with friends and family members is always enjoyable. You have to keep yourself busy with something during the tour to avoid the monotony and stiffness of the body. There are several ways which can help you to combat the problems during the journey. Few tips for making your journey enjoyable are given below.

  • Take several breaks on the long journey

If you are out for a long trip, you have to plan your trip in a smart way. The long journey should not be continued for a long time. You can take a break from the suitable place. On the break, you can have some snacks, walk and move different parts of the body to remove stiffness. Walking and moving will help you improve the blood circulation. If the trip is too long, you can find out a suitable place for night stay. While staying at any place, don’t forget protecting your car. You should always carry a car protection covers on the long journey.

  • Having the right food with plenty of amount of water

On a long journey, we usually take junk foods like chips, fries, etc. But the wrong selection of food can make your tired on the long journey. You need to avoid the junk food on the journey and have healthy food for your wellbeing. You also need to keep yourself hydrated during the journey. If the trip has started in the daytime, you may have a close contact with the sun in some parts of the day. Having water time to time can keep you hydrated and relax during the long hour tour.

  • Make advance planning for the different weather condition

You need to make advance planning to tackle the adverse weather condition. Taking sunglass, wearing sunblock, scarves, hats, etc. are possible ways to beat the heat. For cold, you can take the extra blanket on the car. One needs to wear comfortable clothes during a long trip. However, having extra clothes for the different weather condition is strongly recommended.

  • Sit carefully on the car

You need to be careful about your posture on the car. You have to pay special attention to your posture while sitting on the car. You also have to change your sitting position after some ties of sitting in the same position. You can also use the pillow or take the help of the headrest to avoid back pain. You can also keep a foot rest on the floor of your car which will provide comfort to your toes.

  • Drive carefully on the road

Before going on a long road trip, one needs to take plenty of sleep. You may have to drive for a long hour without sleeping and moving. One needs to give full concentration on the road while driving. If driving makes you tired, you should take rest for a while parking your car beside the road. One should not drive with sleepy eyes.

  • Listening to music

Every car has the superb audio system. This audio system is used for making your boring journey interesting. When you will find your favorite songs playing on the record, you will forget all the tiredness of the road. You need to arrange the good music before starting the tour.

So, the things mentioned above can make you feel comfortable on the long car trip.

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