Aleteia – 6 Exorcism prayers to cast out a demonic presence

web3-exorcism-exorcist-rite-book-cross-crucifix-shutterstock presented these ancient prayers invoke God’s power to dispel the darkness of evil.

Catholics firmly believe in the existence of fallen angelic spiritual beings, who since the beginning of time have rebelled against God and seek to wreck havoc on his creation.

These fallen angels, often referred to as “demons,” try to tempt us away from God and will use any means necessary. This put us right in the crosshairs of a spiritual battle that we can not win by ourselves.

The good news is that with the help of God, these demonic creatures have no power over us and can easily be cast out. All we need to do is have a strong faith in God, united to the sacraments of the Church, and call upon his heavenly aid.

Here are six such prayers that exorcists and saints have used over the centuries to turn away Satan’s temptations and prevent him and his minions from harming us.






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